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workshops for apps & the web

We’ve crafted workshops on how to craft apps. Level up your development team.

Private Workshops and Tutorials

We train mobile and web developers. We’re experienced speakers who have taught at universities and presented at conferences, and we bring that knowledge to our training.

We can adjust the depth of the program to your team’s needs. Whether it’s a half day tutorial introducing JavaScript or two full days of advanced iPhone programming, we have what it takes. If you’re a company in Vancouver or elsewhere in Canada looking to level up your team’s design and development skills, get in touch.

Cost Per Course

Two Days One Day Half Day
On-site $6000 $3500 $2000
Space Provided $8000 $4500 $2500
Prices listed for up to 20 people. Travel expenses or additional costs for more than 20 people not included.

    Sample iPhone and iPad Topics

  • Intro/Advanced Swift Development
  • Advanced UI on iOS
  • Intro to OpenGL on iOS
  • Concurrency on iOS with Grand Central Dispatch
  • UI Design for Mobile Apps
  • What's new on iOS

    Sample Web and Android Topics

  • Web 101: Web development for Non-Developers
  • Intro/Advanced JavaScript
  • Intro/Advanced Android Development
  • Android UI Patterns
  • Cross-platform App Development Approaches

Public Workshops & Sessions

VanJS Logo

VanJS is a meetup for web developers downtown Vancouver. The focus is on Javascript, HTML5, and the open web. Javascript frameworks, browser functionality, tips and tricks are all popular topics. The meeting is two 45 minute talks, followed by pub time for discussion.

The Vancouver Xcoders meetup brings together Vancouver’s iOS and Mac designers and developers for talks about making great apps. Topics include Cocoa frameworks, UI and UX design, open source projects, and anything else that goes into making great apps.