Party Monster

A funky queueing DJ
for iPhone and iPad.

“Cool, clever, simple music queueing DJ app for iPhone and iPad. One of the best drag-to-reorder UIs I’ve seen.”
– John Gruber,

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Queue it

Want to hear a great song next? Tap it, and it will play when the current song ends. Tap a few more songs, and build a queue of awesomeness. Then, sit back and enjoy your party, road trip, or commute.

Crossfade it

Party Monster crossfades between songs, whether you skip or the songs end on their own. It fades in and out when you pause and play, and keeps its cool if you skip or pause quickly in succession.

Slide it

Slide a great song to the right to fade it in. Slide a lame song to the left to remove it. Tap and hold a song to reorder it. After a few moments, you'll be sliding into a funky soundscape of your own design.

iPhone and iPad

Party Monster is a universal app, which means one purchase gets you the best queuing DJ out there for both the iPhone and iPad - not to mention the iPad mini and the iPod touch.

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Full of details

  • Shows queue on lock screen
  • Works with AirPlay
  • Greys out played songs
  • Plays your iTunes library
  • Queues albums in order
  • Launches swiftly
  • Tastes like candy
  • Refuses to play Nickelback