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iTunes Match in apps

iTunes Match is a service provided by Apple for making your entire iTunes library availible for streaming and downloading on all your iOS devices.

Unfortunately, there are limitations on how well App Store apps can support iTunes Match currently, particularly when using them in conjunction with certain audio features (such as crossfading and mixing). Apps like ours are not able to stream iTunes match tracks, or download them from within our apps, the way that the system Music app does.

Downloading from iTunes Match

In order to play back iTunes Match tracks in our apps, you need to download the tracks yourself. You can do this by opening up any list of songs in the system music app, and selecting the ‘cloud’ icon either on an individual track or the entire playlist to start the download.

To make it easier to find songs that have been correctly downloaded, we provide a "Hide missing songs" option in the Settings panel that will cause any songs that are not playable due to not being on the device to be hidden when adding songs or playlists.

We may also play songs that have been previously streamed by being played in the music application. However, we recommend using the manual download instead for several reasons:

  1. We can’t play streamed songs on iOS 7.
  2. These songs can be removed by the system at any time, so we restrict setting them as event songs in WeddingDJ, to avoid a music plan being disrupted by having a song removed.
  3. These songs will not be visible when adding songs when the "Hide missing songs" option is selected.

We are working both on improving our apps’ support for iTunes Match within the current limitations, and communicating with Apple to improve support for third-party apps integrating with iTunes Match, so watch for future app updates.

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